The Clinic is located At

Cockenzie House and Gardends


22 Edinburgh Road EH32 0HY 


The clinic practice times are:

Monday:          8:30am to 12pm

Tuesday          8:30am to  2pm

Wednesday:    8.30am to 2pm  

Thursday:       8.30am to 2pm  

Friday:            8.30am to 2pm


Dougal has 20+ years experience in all aspects of pysical therapies in particular, dry needling, ear accupuncture, remedial, muscle injury & sports therapy.

 Dougal includes techniques such as Micro-Systems (ear) acupuncture, PNF proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, Myofascial Release, Dry Needling, Reflexology, Energy and Trigger Point Techniques compliment his deep tissue massage therapy. 

 Dougal's therapy is appropriate for everyone who has a soft tissue problem, painfull muscle or injury of the back, neck, sholder, arm or leg and for general health issues, injury prevention, help with stopping hot flushes, addictions (smoking, eating) and/or simply for relaxation.

Cockenzie House and Gardens 22 Edinburgh road EH32 0HY